for Debbie

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This poem is about a moment in time. It is something that happened years ago that still lingers in my mind.

for Debbie

there was a time
years ago
I was dating this woman
we worked together
at the same company
I was 24 years old
she was 26
we had gone out one rainy
cold fall day
to the museum of science and history
we perused the museum displays
hand in hand
pointing out things to each other
hundred year old broken pottery
dinosaur bones
rusty swords and shields
we laughed
we touched
immersed in the simple pleasure
and joy
found in the mere presence of one another
once we had seen everything there was to see
we decided to take in a show
we stood in line waiting to buy tickets
we were surrounded by a large group of noisy
fourth and fifth grade students
on a field trip to the museum
all of us there
waiting together to enter the museum theater
I remember she was in front of me
our bodies touching
with her back to my chest
our hands locked together
she turned around
and looked into my eyes.
I love you
she said
it was the first time
either one of us had said it
for a moment
I was caught off guard
we had been lovers
for almost three weeks
we had only known each other
for about two months.
I said
I love you, too
for some reason
and I’m not sure why
I asked her
when did she know she loved me
she said
remember the night we got off work
and drove to the lake near the power station
and we sat
and talked
and drank wine until the sun came up
I told her I remembered
how could I forget
we did not make out
but it was the first time we kissed
she said
that’s when I knew
she said
I would have made love to you then
if you had wanted me to
again, I was caught off guard
I looked into her eyes
in that line
full of prepubescent boys and girls
she leaned against me
and we kissed
the young girls around us giggled
she pulled away and smiled at me
I can still smell her perfume
and feel her long soft brown hair
I don’t know that I’ve ever been through
a cold rainy fall that felt that good
it is one of those moments in time
you wish you could go back to
and live again


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