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Freelancing is a great way to earn those extra bucks for the movie , or for the restaurant.Whatever the reason may be,we all have a tendency to earn. read on to earn money ......

The more, the Better

We earn an ample amount of money but being human, means we can't live without earning more and more....
It's our tendency to have a more money however large a sum we earn. Being a excited fellow and just like the others, I surfed the web and recently i found that freelancing is one of the best ways to earn. freelancing is not just about data entry and surveying, its a whole new world of opportunities. You get to select a whole new range of skills, from emailing, getting contacts , web designing, poetry and writing...

Many MNCs (i expect you to understand that) hire people to work out the odd jobs that they face particularly in new regions, or places. these odd jobs range from getting 500 useful phone numbers to surveying the needs and desires of people in those regions.
Some of these are very easy jobs such as a virtual assistant.Since the employers are vast and oppurtunities even greater ,all you got to do is have a few basic skills.
The site I found was (click on me)

If you have about 2-3 hours to spare each day you can easily earn a lot of money, that to, while sitting on your comfy couch and listening to rock music (be sure your parents are out).

Gold doesn't always glitter

Just like every other site, this site requires you to undergo a registration (it's free) and once you have completed, you are directly into the Dashboard. this dashboard is like the home page to your contests and your projects. In the free version, you get a limited amount of bids, which you can place on the projects. If the employer finds your profile and your bid letter ( a personal letter that describes why you are suitable for the job), and if he doesn't you are out of your job(and also lose the bid).
In order to make yourself more employable, you must have a great profile pic. and a host of skills to your credit. Each skill can be upgraded by taking a test. These tests confirm your employer that you are skilled freelancer and can work fast and readily.

Each time you complete a job, Xp is added to your profie which shows your experience on the site. Employers prefer people with greater Xp an hence it will better to work at low rates until you find your bargain coming. Each task is time-bound and you earn reputation for your work pace. If your employer is overly satisfied with your work, maybe you can grab a better deal the next time. your employers will always expect you to be creative and honest., overbragging about your skills or taking up work without understanding its value, may lessen your reputation and other employers will divert away from you. Be sure, that your first work is completed before time and is faultless.

The pay ranges from 10000-200000 depending on the urgency, type and requirement of the job.You work your way beginning at low $10 every hour to ---------(god knows what...
Even though you may think that's easy but, nothings worth unless its tried.

Sometimes your employer may expect some special qualities in you which unless you fulfill, you wont be hired.
The daily wage can be set in your profile, however if you are a beginner, it would be best to set it low. Do not set it so low that the employer feels that you are unskilled.Every thing comes for a price, you must know that........
On the freelancer, you have a free membership for a month or so...... And after that you have to pay the price. (INR 499)
Be sure to try it, Its great.......


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author avatar Ptrikha
28th Jun 2014 (#)

How has your personal experience been on this site?

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author avatar pratik
29th Jun 2014 (#)

It was a good experience but i didn't land on any job.
I am still studying and was unable to devote time for it..

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