ghost light

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A storm passed through very early this morning and the thunder and lightning woke me. This poem was inspired by the storm and the dream I was having. It's also about the longing for connection.

ghost light

I’m not sure
how far I should take this
I’m not sure
how far I should go
I guess I am still waiting
for a sign
nothing as dramatic
as the aurora borealis
or as earth shattering
as an apocalypse
something subtle
but noticeable
something real
and beautiful
it is late
it is dark here in my room
something woke me
a storm is moving in
a flash of lightning
electric white
illuminating the night
the angry sound of thunder
rumbling and rolling
across the sea of suburban rooftops
the wind picks up
moving from a cantor
to a full gallop
I can hear it
through the walls
chasing the echoing thunder
down the wet empty streets
between the dark silent houses
I think I am soul sick
but alive and breathing
I did not want the dream to end
but I woke up
and it flew away
suddenly released from its cage
the one in my slumbering head
I know she is out there
I can feel it
I can feel it in my heart and soul
but I do not know how to find her
in the darkness
I listen to the thunder
the wind
the lightning
it flashes

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