go figure

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This poem kind of describes an irony in my life as I attempt to find love after having been hurt so badly in my last two relationships.

go figure

have I already talked about this with you
I do not remember if I did or not
it’s this whole online dating business
it’s going nowhere fast
I know I should be patient
I mean
it’s not as though I am in any hurry
to meet someone and settle down
but to be honest
my hearts not in it
I’m not really trying
some of these poor women
either look as though
they just escaped from prison
run an all-female biker gang
or drive an 18-wheeler for a living
here is what I find funny
some of my married friends
envy me because of my freedom
no wife
my son is grown
I have my own house
I come and go as I please
I do not have to answer to anyone
so on and so forth
I envy them because they are married
they have a partner
when I was younger
I believed I would be single forever
I never thought I would get married
then I did
what a horrible
and miserable
experience that turned out to be
that is what happens
when you marry the wrong person
lesson learned
a painful and costly lesson
what I would describe as a
tie the scurvy dog to the yardarm
and whip the shit out of him
with a cat o’ nine tails lesson
and now here I am
attempting to get back into the same boat
I felt so much relief getting out of
go figure


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8th Feb 2019 (#)

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