have you ever been in love

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Have you ever been in love? How did you know you were in love? How could you tell? Did you just know and the knowing defied explanation? The heart wants what it wants and most of the time no one can tell you otherwise.

have you ever been in love

why do I feel trapped
locked in place
a prisoner
without any hope of parole
or escape
I’m finding it hard to care anymore
as the days pass
like strangers on a crowded city sidewalk
I barely notice them
as I walk by with my head in the clouds
I want to drive out into the desert
and not look back
feel the heat of the sun
cook this feeling right out of me
soak in all the nothingness
with the dust and sand
under my feet and all around
this overwhelming feeling came over me
after this question popped into my head
have I ever really been in love
now I cannot stop thinking about it
if I have to ask the question
then perhaps the answer is no
how sad is that
every relationship I have ever been in has tanked
I cannot imagine leaving this world
without having been in love at least once
knowing I was in love
not wondering about it
not second guessing it
but feeling it on a profound
and deep level
that defies explanation
or even understanding
feeling it beyond a shadow of a doubt
I wander aimlessly around
the borders of this town
of everything
and everyone
during a brief moment of clarity
I see my heart
sitting at a piano
somewhere in the semi dark
playing some achingly slow
bluesy tune
to an empty candlelit room
for an audience of one
a special someone
I was in love once
and I even felt it
perhaps the problem is
I was never loved in return

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author avatar hotcheetos
27th Apr 2018 (#)

Thank you, Hether.

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