high on who hash

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A poem about the thought of just walking away from the job and living a life of crime.

high on who hash

fast and loose
a reckless missile
down a rough
deserted road
a hundred miles a minute
ryan adams on the radio
telling the midnight audience to
"gimme something good"
don't know where I'm heading
don't care where I've been
through the highs and lows
the fast then slow
loaded pistol by my side
half empty bottle of whiskey
empty beer bottles
rolling around
in the floor board
strange uncanny thoughts
rolling around and around
deep long and semi-round
like the London Underground
strange hovering lights
follow us in the sultry summer sky
a loud distant rumbling sound
a flash of blinding darkness
filling up my eyes
I cannot say why
or today
just the same old thing
gave up the nine to five
the house
the wife
the kids
the starched shirts and ties
uncoiled that suffocating snake
I just want to drive
don't want to think
everywhere I gazed
I just couldn't take it
people in cars
people on sidewalks
people on cell phones
people in planes
people being shot into space
orbiting far overhead
people talking and talking
even when their dead
lying underground
on and on
into the darkness of eternity
all my life
feeling like
I been running from something
need more cash in my pocket
need more gas in the tank
gonna use this loaded gun
take down another convenience store
armored car
or bank
got my green partner in crime
riding right by my side
his stinky feet up on the dash
half drunk on whiskey
and deliriously high
on Who hash
with blood shot eyes
he looks at me
and says with a nasty Grinchy grin
"Ride hard ride fast we can rest when we die"
I don’t say anything
I only nod my head as if to say
you're damn right
you beautiful green son-of-a-bitch


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