home away from home

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This is a story about home away from home where I feel better about my self.

home away from home

One day there was a girl that loved her home it's where she grow up at but she still didn't feel right about the place. It didn't feel to comfy to her all she wanted is to feel like home but it was hard for her. All she had was her dad, grandmother,grandfather, and sister if she didn't have them she would have no one and she wanted, was to be with them. That's where she felt comfy at. Its where your heart is not where you live it's where your heart is. So every time she was with all her family she was safe till one day someone Comes up and killed everyone in her family and she was the only one to be alive but she found out that her mom killed the whole family because she heard about the family treasure hiding somewhere on the land or in the house. In the box there was a lot of things that been handed down by family members since the 1400s and if they were on the land or in the home it should be some where but some of the thing should be in a museum but it's not but no one will tell her but then her and her husband got arrested for murder and the people in the house next door called the cos and then the cops found the girl and the girl gotten the house and the necklace that her grandfather gave her was the map to where the box of treasure is so she followed the map and she found it. When she looked in there was a tons of things in there ad she was happier then she ever can be.


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