in the darkness of her room

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A poem about an on again off again relationship that did not seem to want to die. It just kept going and going and going.

in the darkness of her room

a Cheshire cat
like a wispy little cloud
up there with the night
grinning at me
from out of the dark
with emerald green eyes
burning into mine
pulling me apart
here in the night
so far from the light
in the darkness of her room
clothes fall to the floor
behind a closed door
just when I thought getting
over her might be an option
she steps back into my life
pulls me in
as I kiss her skin
the taste of perfume
on my tongue
on my lips
we share the night
no regrets
I want to touch her
kiss her
every where
all over
all I want is this
all night
in her bed
or in the rain
or on a beach
I do not care
she’s the first in
last out
she presses against me
so near
so warm
with sweat
I can feel the life in her body
more than I can feel the life in mine
talking in her sleep
murmuring to the night
speaking to the darkness
so far from the light
I listen to her breathing
I listen to the dark
I hear the pressing night
while I feel her burning spark
I want to tell her how I feel
I want to tell her what I think
but there are no words that can explain
so I am silent
on the edge of awake
with my arms around her
her head on my chest
her hair tickling my face
in the night
I dread the approaching light
because this is what I crave
more than the light of day


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