infatuation or love

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A poem about a girl I truly believed I was in love with. But now, looking back, maybe it was just infatuation.

infatuation or love

they have shut down
this one horse town
but I am prepared
I have a twelve pack
and a pint of 90 proof
to help get me through
I need a salve
for all these wounds
I’ve been shot full
of cupid’s arrows
love sick
that’s the state I’m in
months have gone bye
and the feeling does not fade
my fear
is that I will take it with me
to my grave
I drive out
to the middle of nowhere
it is neither early
nor late
it is the perfect time of night
as I follow my headlights
down dusty back roads
I do not care where they lead
I do not care where they go
I finally park
on a bald hilltop
where I am
surrounded by inky woods
a listless mass of dark trees
against the stars
they both hide
and protect me
I get out of the car
the engine is ticking
as it is cooling
I open a beer
sit on the hood
take a sip
lie back
on the still warm hood
one arm behind my head
I look at the stars
twinkling and winking
way out there
suspended in the void
stuck in the dark
I know how they feel
I feel stuck
inside myself
inside this town
in this crazy
I close my eyes
and breathe
feel the cool night air
coming in
going out
in my mind’s eye
I see her face
like a Cheshire cat
floating above me
I feel infected
but in a good way
as I attempt
to ride out this wave
in my head
in my heart
even inside my soul
everything melts away
as two apparitions
make a reservation
but only one of them show
so the story goes
I wonder where she is tonight
as the crickets are chirping
and the world is turning
the slight wind touches my hair
my skin
the cold beer in my hand
the same wind
that could be touching her
right now
I watch the flashing lights of a commercial jet
racing away overhead
I want to race away too
but I do not believe
for one moment
that there could ever be
any distance so great
between us
that it could make me
forget about her
I don’t want to always wonder
what might have been
I don’t want to feel
as though she is the one
I’m living for
turn off the stars
like turning out a light
sweep her out of my head
like sweeping a dusty floor
let me let her go
so I can finally close
and lock that door


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