inside her shadows past(poem about a girl that took her own life)

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poem about a girl that used to lie with her mom as she was very sick watching her for so long and hating to see her mother in pain well she was always thinking about killing herself because she felt trapped .

inside her shadows past

this is about a mother who passed
away with her daughter at her side.
the daughter watched her mother suffer
many years as it changed her whole life.

she lived all alone with now only
memories of her.
she cried and thought so much
inside her felt like dirt.

she looks through her mothers
book and cried as she read.
she felt so bad inside for all
that pain her mom had lived .

she got deep into how the mother
thoughts and began to think like her.
one day she wrote a poem and
dedicated every word.

she matched how her mother wrote
to see if she can write.
she noticed a shadow on the paper
that reflected from the light.

she then got scared not wanting
to turn around.
she said is it you mom or is your
spirit in this house.

she heard a voice that sounds
almost as hers.
she closed then reopened her eyes
and seen a vision of how things were.

thats when it hit her that it wasn't
her mother who died.
she was so traumatized by thinking
so much so she took her own life.

the dedication that was left was
for her mother to read.
not relating to her in past tense
her spirit can now be free.

the end

by:rebecca elizabeth pineda


Emotional Pain, Emotional State, Emotions, Heartache, Suffering, Suffocation

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author avatar poemgur1980
my name is (Rebecca Elizabeth Jimenez) married name is (Pineda .)
Im 33 yrs old been writing poems since the age of 9 I write about feelings ,love,inspiration,hope all kinds of poetry

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author avatar Williamsji
5th Dec 2013 (#)

Good narration, Nice theme, Congrats, Regards, Love from WILLIAMSJI MAVELI

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author avatar Avaysa
5th Dec 2013 (#)

sad story

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
5th Dec 2013 (#)

Hmm very sad story
I like happy endings .
God bless you
Stella ><

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
5th Dec 2013 (#)

There are all kinds of reasons why people take their own lives, most of them sad.

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author avatar poemgur1980
5th Dec 2013 (#)

me to stella ill be sure to make one for you ok with a happy ending

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
6th Dec 2013 (#)

A coward she was as he drew her last breath,
Showing the act she committed in stealth.
As she fell on her knees midst all cries,
She saw the truth opened can of flies.

For she never saw herself awake again,
Sending her to scream and cry in memory lane.
For she never came back to show life her way,
But in her cowardly act she was forced to stay.

As all came to see the pain within heart,
Showing the truth that in a gasp did part.
That she just collapsed holding everyone in tears,
As they in mortality confirmed those worst fears.

She was gone forever never ever to come back,
Showing the truth that was buried on track.
As no other could see the Act of Love,
That came from the heavens up Above.

To comfort the soul who stood there crying,
Showing the truth that came in the line.
As she spirit I am so sorry dear mum,
I was so tormented broken and lonesome.

But her mother didn't hear that voice in heart,
That saw the truth in reality of life now part.
As they closed the chapter with memories of Life,
By interring just everything back to Creators' Wife.

Who wrapped her arms around and held her close,
Showing the truth that from the soil that arose.
With the Eternal Flower proving its here to stay,
As a memory forever never to go away.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 5th December 2013

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
7th Dec 2013 (#)

Very sad poem, thank you for sharing it

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