jaggered bottle

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~in the head of emptiness is a fountain of creativity~
even inspite of these poems/lyrics of sadness i find a way to stay on a level playing field,this piece written more like a song than a poem,wrote this in ten minutes,so don't be to critical.

jaggered bottle

it hurts to swallow...
that drink that follows...
all wrapped in a bottle...yeah,

your name is on it! yeah...
have you thought about it?
it seems the sands of time
have run out of your corrupted mind

disclaimer on the label
means your head will hit the table
visions of her standing there
means she's somewhere else but there

but that next swallow...yeah,what is to follow...
then you see her ugly face
skull and bones its not the case
misunderstanding..maybe it was
but you're still standing!

this life has no trust!
who to trust...whats left is mistrust
amiss the ruins...who to trust...

it hurts to swallow that broken glass bottle
you see her staring at the cuts that follow
as chards of glass slide on down
you feel her presence but she's not around

misunderstanding maybe it was...
she's undertaking...
cause thats what she does...
they'll be no waking
she knows how this ends
they'll be no waking
cause in this life who needs friends

through the hourglass love runs out the sands of time
but whats left in the end is an insane kind of mind
my emptiness can't be explained
when thoughts of her release the pain

it hurts to swallow that broken glass bottle
it hurts to swallow...yeah
this old trick from the book
means they'll be no second look

my insides burn down right to the core
feeling dizzy as i drop to the floor
tricked by the bottle...yeah
my last swallow...my last swallow...


Betrayal Of Trust, Depressed, Lost Love, Misery, Sad Poetry

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author avatar silent_paws
i'm a writer of emotional poetry,influenced & driven by music,nature,& personal sadness.my writing is always centered around feelings.

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author avatar Jacuquelyn Gardner
8th Jun 2013 (#)

I really enjoyed reading this great write! thank you for sharing poet!

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author avatar silent_paws
8th Jun 2013 (#)

your welcome jacuquelyn,this was a strange write,i wrote this quickly but as i was writing,other ideas came out of my head,so i tried to piece this together,i'm glad you enjoyed it.~ i've got other material to follow.

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author avatar Jacuquelyn Gardner
8th Jun 2013 (#)

haha, I know the feeling my friend, but times those are our best ones, God Bless!

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