kidnapped to hell

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Have you ever been abducted? Yet again abducted by the devil and brought straight to hell, well i have, sit back, get your crucifix, your bible and read my chilling and unforgiving tale!

kidnapped to hell

I was abducted by the devil 2 years ago. I went to sleep at around 8:45 pm on a Thursday night, everything was normal as usual except for a 15 minute chilling wind that blew outside. I brushed my teeth, had a wonderful shower, slipped into my pink panther bed wear and hopped into bed. As i was dozing off into sleep i heard a shreiking sound outside, like some one kicked an hyena and it cried instead of laughing! I hopped out of bed immediately and noticed something strange, i was neither in my home or my neighborhood, i suddenly felt quite dizzy and was freezing as if i had migrated to Alaska.

I heard a sweet little girls voice calling my name so softly, "David, David, follow my lead David" i could not help but follow that soft sweet voice, i was lead from rooms to rooms, some freezingly cold, while some were as hot as a pot. I was lead into a garden so beautiful with streams and vegetation, exotic colorful birds flew over my head, the water that flowed was as crystal. Fruits were alarming attractive, the air was unpolluted. I suddenly felt strong, in-exhausted and felt like i could lift the world.

The voice finally appeared and i saw a beautiful, attractive girl, looked like she was in her early twenties. "Stay with me," she said, "stay with me and i will make you ruler of all this, i will make you king in this world." I was quite tempted to say yes, as the offer was quite attractive. What do i have yo do to become king here?" i asked. "All i need is total control of your soul", she replied. I laughed out a little and answered with a bulleted NO! The sweet little girl transformed fro beautiful maiden to a charging red, fire breathing animal! It moved so fast i was amazed, it held me by my throat and demanded that i take the offer and give over my soul. I told it it had to kill me first. It started choking me and as i was about to pass out i suddenly found my self flying out of my bed! I was back to reality, i brushed it off as a bad dream until i went into the bathroom and saw the the beast imprint on my neck!....


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author avatar Sherri Granato
6th Aug 2014 (#)


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author avatar JayeByrd
7th Aug 2014 (#)

Although you may think
it was a dream.
Not all that happens
is as it seems.
Good tale.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
7th Aug 2014 (#)

Everything looks possible; about turn at the nick of time! siva

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