lady aiyanna 2 (poem about a lady who likes to meddle in others lives )

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this poem is about a lady who's had a bad life thinks she knows everything
about others by what she reads and thinks there all about revenge but isn't true
so she keeps trying.

lady aiyanna 2

there's one thing different
between you and me .
and your the kind of person
that's hurting to be free .

so when you tell me you
know from experience about my life.
im sorry to inform you that your's
is nothing like mine.

you don't see me putting others
down and disrespecting them.
the life you choose to live
lady isn't worth it in the end.

so don't bring me into your
painful past.
you know nothing about my life
or is it something you wish you had.

i cant relate as to the way
you think.
and for a person without a
heart is one id never be.

your hatred from beneath
is eating away your pride.
i believe you once were different
that's why you choose to hide.

for im truly sorry for what
your husband did to you.
but don't think for a second that
i would want to be like you .

that was your choice to decide
for the hurtful things he did.
you could have left for good
instead of putting up with it.

and before you mention my unborn
child all over again.
it isn't our fault that you
went through what you did.

and as for my husband you wish
yours was the same.
just because my poems have hurt
doesn't mean hes the blame.

so go ahead live your life
exactly how you want .
im not about revenge like you say
and im a person full of love.

the end
by:rebecca elizabeth pineda


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author avatar poemgur1980
my name is (Rebecca Elizabeth Jimenez) married name is (Pineda .)
Im 33 yrs old been writing poems since the age of 9 I write about feelings ,love,inspiration,hope all kinds of poetry

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
26th Nov 2013 (#)

Do what you do its not my time,
I have highlighted the domestic crime.
Your denial is you way of life,
You carry on and be your own wife.

I am the wife and I have my past,
But with the marriage all set to last.
While you show anger and hurt your heart,
I stand and observe you from world apart.

Getting agitative is but your crime,
Carry on that way you'll do jail time.
For I have seen your anger and learnt my way,
Its yours own life you have your say.

I was in pain but not any more,
For I am the Eagle who is set to soar.
To greater heights I see the world,
While your true anger has now unfurled.

Breaking your own heart your own way,
You have your blessing, children pray.
For its easy to produce but to care is life,
Its something you can do without being wife.

But the honour is endurance and living through all,
Watching the concubine now in tears fall.
For I have protected my child and showed the world,
This is who I am in moment unfurled.

You say what you say and I do my pride,
I am who I am with nothing to hide.
You torment your own soul and hurt your Life,
I am who I am the Creators' Wife.

Planet Earth is my name I have seen it all,
With gravity of love I still stand tall.
With Sun by my side and Moon to Watch,
As you in anger your own life torch.

I have no malice or hatred inside,
Its your own writing and your hurt pride.
You live it your way with five and six,
If that one leaves you, you are in fix.

Single with four kids all running around,
While you are wobbling panting to the ground.
Would you be able to handle your life that way,
Lord have mercy that is all I pray.

For I see your life and your deficient heart,
It is your own mirror that plays your part.
As I just create my own dream in my world,
Its the fact of who I am that has unfurled.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 26th November 2013

Here, let me help you with the piccys:

Its my face and life out there and husband and my single born love who I am - ME. Although, I am not a person to divorce, I do feel strongly about Domestic Violence and that is the only reason why I have told the husband to live apart, not because I don;t love him but because I want to keep him out of jail for the crime he committed for not taking care of his child.
As a woman, always be prepared just in case a man leaves her either by whatever way (with a chance to return) or by death. So you are vulnerable with 5 kids and that with that many you will struggle if such a thing should happen to you.
I wish you well....

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author avatar poemgur1980
26th Nov 2013 (#)

poor lady i approved your comment although i still cant relate to your spiteful ways and vicious heart your poems make no sense but to your self and the only one who will end up in jail is you a lonesome stalker and go ahead and sit back and watch me or my work to me i feel sorry for you now this is the last comment you will receive from me because there isn't anything else i have to say good by

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author avatar Andres Fragoso Jr
6th Dec 2014 (#)

I so love your poem. I couldn't have said it better. Thank you for sharing it.

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author avatar Retired
26th Nov 2013 (#)

Great poem poemgur1 ... sometimes I feel I am as bitter as you write because of my past though I try not to be. I am trying to put past behind me and focus on a new man who treats me well. I only hope I don't dwell on past hurts and ruin what I could have again. Thanks for reminding me of this :-)

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author avatar poemgur1980
26th Nov 2013 (#)

thank you your very kind starleena never feel bitter

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author avatar waterhorse
27th Nov 2013 (#)

Poemgur1, Lady is a narcissist. It's always about her. She uses this forum as a way to talk about herself. Ignore her comments. I love your poems. You are obviously a very strong woman.

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author avatar poemgur1980
29th Nov 2013 (#)

waterhorse i had no idea now i know ill keep that in mind thanks for letting me know though

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author avatar Retired
29th Nov 2013 (#)

Hello Dear, how are you doing today? am ( Miss rose) i visited your lovely profile today and am interested in knowing more about you. please kindly write me back directly to my private email address is( )for you to know more about me. I believe knowing each other will help us in future communications. please write me directly to my email address here ( ) .

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author avatar Empress
15th Mar 2014 (#)

Lady Aiyanna is attacking you too it seems!!! Why is she so cruel and mean to others?

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
9th May 2014 (#)

Cruel you call but pain you cause,
Being judgmental with your own flaws.
Do what you will curse my name,
I know who I am its the world game.

While you try to judge me its your choice,
I am who I am with my own voice.
I come here and show the fact of you,
But truth in life is what you do brew.

With the Empress and the Horse in watery shed,
I just look on with tears now dead.
As I climb back to my world in Heavens Above,
You go with your own clout screaming need love.

Learn to understand the truth of Life,
More kids you have greater the strife.
I have seen the pain and know the cry,
May God give you all wisdom from up high.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 9th May 2014

Hope you had a safe delivery. teach the baby to love rather than be a frustrated person you portray.

Need not approve the comment, I have given you the message I wanted to give you.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
9th May 2014 (#)

Well, dealt with real criminals and you are not one of them. I wish you well but when you see what a real criminal is, you will learn what true life really is...

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author avatar Empress
12th May 2014 (#)

Oh Lady Aiyanna!!! When will you realize that your poetry sucks ASS? Half the crap doesn't make sense and the rest makes you look like you are a vain conceited wanna be goddess. Get off your pedestal and stop beating the dead horse. Nobody cares about your messages. They do nothing but make you look like a fool!!

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author avatar Retired
25th Feb 2015 (#)

it seems like we have something in common! god i dislike her so much. wish she would leave me alone. i just wish she would just get off our cases. no body wants to hear her. if she wants to complain then she should get religion

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