laughter is healthy

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Have a laugh, because laughter is healthy. Laughter is a part of the way to eliminate deep sadness

laughter is healthy

Faith is just a name

One day, a pastor in the church was attended by someone who has been blind since his born.
He said: Pastor, could you help me to heal my eyes, please?
Pastor: Well, but I want to ask you one thing. How come, you are here??
By Faith sir!! He replied
Pastor: Good, you will precisely be healed by faith
The blind man was surprised (Calling his son namely Faith). My boy, My Boy, why did you not tell soon, if you can heal me!!! He shouted
Pastor: @ # $% ^!???’”x 999 = ??/

An Incantation

Daddy Baraka is a social worker in the remote areas of Africa where the population do not understand to speak English. They spoke with Daddy with body or sign language.
One day, there was a little child, his name Koko, talking with sign language to Daddy. Koko invited Daddy come to his house. Apparently, Koko showed his pig was sick and asked Daddy to heal. Daddy confused, and immediately holds the pig's head and spoke in English: piggy, piggy, piggy (he did not know the pig’s name, just spoke automatically): If you want death, you die. If you want life, you live. . Look like an incantation. Then, Daddy waved a hand back to his home.
Three days later, Koko went to Daddy, who lived alone, to provide news about his pig was healthy. At that moment, Daddy was sick and lying on his bed and he spoke sign language, Koko understand that Daddy was unwell
Koko directly holds Daddy’s head, and said automatically: piggy, piggy, piggy. If you want death, you die. If you want a life, you live. The little boy memorized what Daddy said although he did not understand what he said. Daddy was very surprised, and immediately healed.

Bus Driver in heaven

When a priest passed away, he asked to angel why the bus driver can directly go to heaven, and he has not been entered yet.
The angel replied: You know when the bus driver ride the bus to run very fast, all the bus passengers are always praying to God. By the way when you're preaching, your congregations are drowsiness and sleep.

Always Sleepy

The Sunday school is just started, teacher asks to his students.
Teacher: “Why you should not be noisy in the church?"
Student: "Because a lot of congregations in the church are always sleepy when the pastor preaching
Teacher: ##???0000xxcccc????

The road to heaven

In the sermon of Sunday morning, the pastor gave an illustration the kingdom of heaven.
Pastor said: " ……, the road to heaven is not easy ..Ther are a lot of tortuous and full of holes and sharp stones ..."

A child who seat beside his mother asked: Mamy, how about our donation each week, It can be used to repair the road to heaven, isn’t it ?

Mother: ???? 000. Of .. ehmmmm…..ehmmmmm….of course, but she shakes her head.

Have a laugh, because laughter is healthy. Laughter is a part of the way to eliminate deep sadness.


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