locked and loaded

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This poem is about learning not to beat yourself up over past mistakes. It is about letting them go so you do not carry them around like a large invisible stone.

locked and loaded

desperate measures
call for desperate times
I can only remember my life
out of sequence
and one hour at a time
so nothing beyond yesterday
makes any sense
I’m in a hole
I know
I put myself there
to protect everyone
and everything around me
so stop
trying to tell me what’s right
trying to tell me what’s wrong
or what I should do
or shouldn't do
you haven't been
where I have been
you haven't seen
what I have seen
or done
the things
I have done
in a previous life
I was a leviathan
gliding gracefully
through the deep
deep dark
diving down
down into the blackness
in the void
plumbing the vast depths
with murderous purpose
and calm intent
my breath aflame
lighting the darkness
guiding my way
and unafraid
where I could kill
but I could not slay
and that voice
I cannot seem to escape
the one that wants to remind me
of all of my mistakes
I do not need to be reminded
I just need to learn from them
and move on


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