loveliest dawn twas

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A feeling which often I get ...making me feel the incompleteness of a living mission ... still unaccomplished ...will I be able to finish






loveliest dawn twas

I arose today at dawn
Like the day I was born.. ..
how do you that say?

well I knew you’d ask me so
my pop upstairs came in my dreams
and showed me as a beautiful exquisite babe
in my moms’ arms
Oh! what charms..

No not on my face but my moms
she was really beautiful, a Queen like bee
but not many moms are like as was she…

a child adorn by all around
love and kisses only I found,
immersed in honey of love
of all siblings
I was like a darling …

that was when the dawn lapsed
into the evening of my life
it ended so suddenly you bet

time lapses faster than collapses a dream
left isolated in a world now I scream
what made you,
mom and pop,
to bring a miracle about
of which you had no doubt

how intensely now I feel
someone had then invented the rubber
now we all now peel
but alas
twas not to be
the sojourn still carries me..


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author avatar LOVERME
The one and only LOVERME
Thanks friends for reading me,
its natural VIRGINOUS poetry
that comes my way

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
26th Jan 2013 (#)

Be patient , for God knows if there will ever be, another little LOVERME
Bless you

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author avatar LOVERME
26th Jan 2013 (#)

you say little
yet you use capitals...
thanks Stell...
need your blessings
I walk the path
where posthumousity has no place
am glad folks like you
my poetry still do trace
for that I must salute the ilk as of you

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
26th Jan 2013 (#)

Babies are His gift to be showered with love. Now everyone is in a hurry to nowhere. They have no time for those that matter - and soon life becomes empty especially when the time is nigh. I have refused to toe a line that takes me beyond my needs - as greed becomes a way to doom. I have seen the old ways and the new and I know the difference. I feel sorry for the young for they know not what they miss - precious time to love and enjoy the company of those that matter - siva

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author avatar LOVERME
26th Jan 2013 (#)

lovely poetic thought will convert into poetry tomorrow

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author avatar DuitByJames
27th Jan 2013 (#)

Your poem is woven like a tapestry with all the colors today, almost to be held but then fades. Thank You.

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author avatar LOVERME
27th Jan 2013 (#)

yes we all have to fade away..
some day
me and you too
the whole world
ought to renew

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author avatar LOVERME
25th Feb 2018 (#)

911 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
563 only read this poor show no?
but 1024 went beyond beyond
many read this
thanks the internet please me
have after all read it you may also

glad you walked my page I left a thanks note did you not engage
we poets are not to be forgotten u know it

so many loved the SALAD poetry
and only two/3 comments reflects poorly both on me and readers inability
next one do say some thing to energize a poets electricity

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