meeting her friends

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A fictional poem about something that almost happened to me. So it's kind of almost true but not really. Yeah.

meeting her friends

she wanted me to go with her
to meet up with some friends
at a Starbucks no less
no joke
a Starbucks
when I think of Starbucks
I think of hipsters
soccer moms
and college kids
it’s one thing to go through the drive thru
wearing a baseball cap
pulled low over your face
and a pair of dark sunglasses
but go inside
and hangout
no freaking way
so we go in
she introduces me to her friends
they seem so young
it makes me feel so old
having them tell me I don’t look my age
doesn’t help
it only makes me feel older
like Methuselah
or Betty White
then there is that voice in my head
it says
what the hell are you doing
why are you here
and I answer
because she makes me feel at ease
she gives me peace of mind
I feel respected and understood
she knows what I need without me
having to explain it in detail
it just comes naturally to her
there isn’t that nagging
tiny little fear that I could lose her
she makes me feel like
I am front and center
something about her makes me
feel secure
like I am the only guy in the room
I do not disappear around her
even when she is at work
helping customers
or talking to coworkers
she is giving me these little looks
that say
I know you are there
I see you
I can’t wait to be alone with you
because being around her
makes me feel high
like I have just passed
the upper stratosphere
and I’m heading for low earth orbit
I make the best of it though
I smile
I laugh
I turn on the charm
I try to be witty and sociable
and cool at the same time
I don’t want to overdo it
after we leave
we are talking
I feel like I crashed
and burned
on take-off
with her friends
she says she could tell that her friends
really liked me
I think to myself
it’s nice to be liked
I guess
she asks me if I can drop her off
at the airport
she is flying to Portland
to spend a week with her family
I tell her that would not be a problem
what I say is
I would love to
as we are driving
she is holding my hand
there is a strong sense of deja vu
and I think to myself
I need to ask her
what kind of gum she is chewing
I love the way it makes her mouth taste


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