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...The Sauropods were the biggest ever existing dinosaur that ever lived on the planet. I know now you’ve already an image of a very big dumb giant animal with a tiny head long neck and tails forming in your mind!...

Herbivore Dinosaurs

Herbivores are animals that feed on plants and vegetables alone. These herbivore dinosaurs ate whatsoever plants they found on the ground though some of them were fitting to one picky type of vegetation but yet several were not that particular. These herbivores for example the Sauropods grew extremely big because of their enormous diet of leaves and ferns. These prehistoric creatures have gained a lot of public attention where everyone is eager to know more about them. Beautiful pictures have been posted on the sites showing some of these beautiful extinct animals. Here is some information of some of what you have been eager to know about these dinosaurs.
The Sauropods were the biggest ever existing dinosaur that ever lived on the planet. I know now you’ve already an image of a very big dumb giant animal with a tiny head long neck and tails forming in your mind! In fact you just saw it right but not all Sauropods had bulky bodies with long necks and tails. In fact some genus of this type like Brachytrachelopan had short necks and other others like the Europasauras were as little as the size of an ox. The Sauropods split into various genus and spices over the course of a 100 million years. From a scientific fact file, the very first existing sauropods examples Barapasaurus and Vulcanodon are believed to have arisen about 200 million years ago. Many scientific discoveries and researches are still ongoing to reveal different types of the sauropods dinosaurs and what could have brought the eminence of the cold blooded animals a hundred and fifty million years latter.
The next herbivore genus is the Diplodocus. Most evidence shows that the Diplodocus lived west of what is now North America. The diplodocus like it preceding type had a long neck and tail and was the longest dinosaur ever found on earth. With its long neck it could reach the peeks eating from large trees and could deter any predator with one majestic whoosh from its enormous long tail. These gigantic animals could weigh 10 up to 25 tones and were 7.5 meters tall and 27 meters long.

Brachiosaurus was another herbivorous dinosaur that lived on our planet earth. This dinosaur was among the largest dinosaur ever to live. Unlike the others this dinosaur had its fore legs a little bit longer than it rear making it appear incredibly tall. They could reach the juices leaves and flowers of the tallest trees other dinosaurs couldn’t. It is believed to be the dinosaurs with the biggest eating appetite. It could measure about 22 to 24 meters length and stood about forty to 50 feet high. This dinosaur had a whip like tail which was its only defense weapon against its alligators thought they could still use their next to defend themselves. These massive creatures weighed up to 94 tones

Ankylosaurus was another big armored herbivore that lived about 75-65 million years ago. They had a very big club bone tail which they used to keep of alligators like the T-Rex which lived in the same period as it. They were about 10 meters long and about 1 meter tall. It weighed about 7.5 tones. Its main dish was the low lying ferns that sprout up on the ground.


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Interesting information. Those were the times! siva

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Such big creatures roamed on earth in those times.

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I wonder what earth would be like nowadays if Dinosaurs still roamed the earth.

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