monkey, it's what's for dinner

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A funny little poem that came to mind while I was watching either the food network or the travel channel.

monkey, it's what's for dinner

I'm watching
some food network star
cram all manner
of exotic food
into his pie hole
while making smart ass comments
from some far flung
corner of the globe
I don't think he's a big fan of monkeys
he just made some comment
about a monkey
climbing on his shoulder
and humping his earhole
while screeching
at the top of its lungs
I don't think he's a monkey kind of guy
I don't blame him
monkey's kind of creep me out
with their funky
tiny hairy monkey paws
grabbing for anything
that isn't tied down
hairy little
flea eating
poo throwing
if you ask me
that's okay though
it appears as though
the local natives
are getting ready
to turn one of the monkeys
into monkey nuggets
nothing like fresh monkey
char grilled over an open fire
the food network guy
doesn’t look too enthusiastic
about the prospect
of choking down monkey meat
he's looking into the camera
with a not to appetizing
look on his face
while thinking
"there's not enough beer in the world
to help wash this shit down"
I can't help but wonder
if he's thinking about what
kind of freaky disease
he could contract from
eating monkey
monkeys are pretty damn nasty
what if his tonsils
contracted some rare
and strange STD
from eating monkey
what if the monkey is undercooked
what could that do to you
what do you serve with monkey
French fries maybe
does it taste like chicken
would it make a good pizza topping
what wine do you pair with monkey
it really raises all sorts of questions
when you think about it


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author avatar Memba Ben
14th Apr 2017 (#)

LOL hotcheetos, I can tell YOU don't like monkeys.

Thanks for the share,gave me a chuckle!

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