more questions than answers

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A poem about trying to figure out the end of a relationship and what went wrong.

more questions than answers

she is sleeping in
as I cook breakfast
last night
while lying in bed
she said something to me
which I found quite profound
concerning my ex
and all the ex-did
and said
all the unanswered questions
that still plagued me
the prison the ex-built
with all the half truths
the deceit
and lies
she said
the battle was in my spirit
not just in my heart
and mind
she said
you will never figure it out
you will just have to come to terms with that
she said
I would end up chasing my tail
going in circles
and going nowhere
she said
we all have things
we have to dig a hole for
and put the questions in
and cover them up
and walk away
because there are no right answers
even if you did get the answers
she said
you would just have more questions
the answers wouldn’t change what is
or what happened
so in the end it really doesn’t matter
I turn the bacon
in the pan
with a fork
put the fork down
pick up my coffee cup
and take a sip
and I think
she is right
the back door is open
the slight
morning wind
slowly strolls in
and over the sound of the wind chimes
I can hear two robins outside
fussing at each other
like an old married couple


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