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This is a poem bout loving your family even in hardship and finding light finding you and a boys journey to poetry

Mountain View

I love mountains, I love running on them I love that I feel free, high, isolated yet the centre of the universe.
Mountains they call my name.
In detention a boy wrote down his first official rap song.
The children behind him laughing at him because he moved his hand to a beat no one could hear
Mouthed words no one could understand.
The beginning of his rap went something like this
Have you ever heard of a family despite that’s like a boxing bout with no champions?
It’s that ambiance of knowing your mam could end up in an ambulance because her yelling and screaming is on pure feeling, no I’m not kidding.
The flying fuck fists of his father not seeing his making his son the mattered my brother replicating sense from our father guess I was playing the mother.
Meanwhile I am still pleading stop treating my mam like a washed up here and see it’s because of you that this family will fall.
He was in grade 9 this boy writing his heart out on paper.
Many years later the abuse just changed forms from raining down fists.
Verbal assaults with sniper like aim
Assassin like brutality
Words flowing like a river of bombs exploding all in its wake.
With a dad that kept running away
Children to stay on ground zero
A pillow can only take so many tears.

Back in detention he is still writing down his fears
The course went something like this
Fighting fighting fighting
Morning noon and night
What happened to love at first sight?
Try as I might I’ll never get you to stop the fight *3
It’s not the best rap ever written personally I think it’s no good at all.
But every word is true
That kid died and grow up & a poet. Now he writes this:
If the eyes are the window to the soul do you see my window pain falling down my cheek?
My glass shards dripping to my feet.
I feel the piercing pain bleeding veins of my soul why have you not try to mend it?
Sorry I was not bullet proof not even shatter proof.
I know you thought I was.
Back to the kid in detention in this class room filled with depression long hours of festering thoughts of his family in his head
Something unplanned happened.
He thought about his walk back home and he can maybe walk up the mountain and watch the sun set, and that led to the final lyrics of the “Rap
And it went something like this.
We are all watching sun sets as we are engulfed in the darkness of this world.
But we don’t relies the sun never sets the world is only turning.
I will find the mountain high enough I will climb the mountain high enough
So I can always feel the sun burning on me. And then I will shed some light on this broken family tree.

The boy found light even though he did not know what his future would hold,
Like in grade ten he would find his father on his mother again
Grad elven he wished they would find heaven
Grade twelve he would delve in wrong things like self-pity not knowing it’s a stumbling block to depression and he did stumble.
But the boy found light. And so can you that’s the difference between the boy rapper and the poet is that he realised he is not alone!
You are not alone
The mountains they call your name.
You in the battle field
You who know what it is to be woken up with voices screaming, dishes crashing, police sirens.
Parents waking you up to somehow make peace between them when you still have to go to school the next morning and they don’t teach the recipe for peace, over there.
For you who had to answer questions like
With who do you want to stay?
Who is right?
Who is wrong?
Do you love me?
Then why are you choosing his/her side?

You who had to be an umbrella for the fists raining down, on your mother brother sister father.
You who only knows to protect.
You born in the battlefield this is a white flag for you.
Pleas know it’s not your fault
Pleas know you are not the consequence of their anger & hate
Pleas know no matter how the seed was planted
You still are Beautiful!
God has scripted you happy endings.
Hero it’s time for you to put your cape down and get stitched up and heal.
Sometimes the roots wants the branched out fruit that rolled away to stay
That’s the thing about being the glue that keeps everyone together.
You lose parts of yourself when trying to let go.

War makers your bombs your guns your fists your voices they are killing innocence
Making terrorists of teenager’s suicide bombers so you can unite to take them on,
As it is better to be the villain and making your loved ones unite then being loved by two separate entities. Your biochemical warfare your nuclear explosions mutating children born to premature adults.
I know you have it hard
I just hope your reasons for warfare is worth the casualties its taking!

Children of war this is a call to arms to find your light.
Find your light for you let it brighten your future
Find your rap song
Find your relief
Find your poetry
Find your meaning
Find your feet
Find your window
Find your soul
The Sun Never sets
Find a mountains point of view they calling your name.

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author avatar Utah Jay
23rd Oct 2014 (#)

The mountain just sits there, it is like you said, make the best of it...I came from a home like this, the neighborhood the same...Nice work.

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author avatar AjaySinghChauhan
23rd Oct 2014 (#)

thanks for sharing it

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author avatar Retired
31st Oct 2014 (#)

Wonderful poem, I enjoyed reading it.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
31st Oct 2014 (#)

Richard, great writing. Congratulations on being author of the day.

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author avatar Richard McDonald
1st Nov 2014 (#)

wow thank you

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