mousy blonde maniac

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A poem about a crazy young lady who lives by her own set of rules. I miss you.

mousy blonde maniac

she pulls her small car
into my driveway
a mousy blonde maniac
not enough clothes on
for this weather
it makes me smile
she must be a terrible driver
her car is beat black and blue
I cannot allow
these undisclosed distractions
to pull me in
I refuse to let them win
the stranger the stranger the better
I don’t want to hear it again
she is too young for me
I touch her warm soft skin
and she invites me in
the sweet caress of molten sin
her secrets
password protected
her best seller
the art of making it through
as her absence
fills up my room
I fall in
she falls out
act now
ask for forgiveness later
I roll over
in the darkness of my room
look at her
how the silhouette of her face
reminds me of you
I can only wonder at how shocked
she would be
if she only knew
but then I think
we all have our secrets
and my secret is you
too many lovers
hiding under my covers
they come
and they go
as the wind blows
and the moon
steals into my room
how quickly the ball got rolling
like the one that started rolling
between me and you
don’t feel threatened
she only fills the void
when I cannot be with you
the long months of suffering
and the dark days of doubt
brought me to this place
so now I plan to hold her
until you fade away
here in this room
the lingering scent of her perfume
and the echoes
of the sounds she made
like the ones you made
when I was with you


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