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This poem is about a young lady I was seeing years ago. We were together
for about six months. I sometimes wonder about her and where she is and
what she is doing. I hope she is happy.

note to a friend

it’s me
I wonder if you will ever read these words
maybe it doesn’t really matter
maybe I am only going through the motions
and this isn’t about anyone but myself
it wouldn’t be the first time
that I was just spinning my wheels
going nowhere
so I will just begin
it is spring now
winter is supposed to be behind us
but I am sure a few more cold days will
manage to sneak up on us
that is the way winter is sometimes
the unwanted guest at the party that never
seems to want to leave
I feel as though I am lingering too
like winter
reluctant to leave and I don’t know why
reluctant to leave what
that is the question
there isn’t anything here worth waiting around for
here I am
I have been thinking about you more
than usual these days
remember that time we were at that place
and we were doing that thing
I really enjoyed that
I think you did as well
I am working but the distraction of work
doesn’t seem to help
it only feels like it makes it worse
I drive to work early each morning
submerged in a river of tail lights
all flowing toward the same destination
the city
the city is okay
but after a while I get tired of all the people
they are everywhere
everywhere you look
everywhere you go
no matter the time of day or night
I can’t help but wonder what the hell they do
where are they all going
sometimes I get this paranoid feeling
that they are all actors
and I am the only one not aware that this is a play
I didn’t get a copy of the script
so I am constantly ad-libbing my lines
and flubbing it
I think you will be happy to know
that the robins have returned
I spotted both of them in the backyard just this weekend
do you miss me
that was abrupt
but I wonder about that sometimes
it would be kind of pathetic
and sad
if I wondered about you
but you never thought about me
but such is life I guess
it is never what we expect
I was thinking about the time we parked
on the shore of the lake
near the power station
do you remember
it was chilly by the time the sun started
to come up but we managed to stay
warm huddling in the front seat of your
small car
then we got out and walked along the shore
that was nice
I should probably go now
I hope things are going well for you
I will try to write again soon


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