one beautiful moment

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This poem is about the possibility of soul mates and what it might be like to never meet your soul mate.

one beautiful moment

time roams where it will
like the wind
and all dearly departed souls
the mountains
and the moon
even the sky and the stars
will drift away in time
hopefully to one day reunite
I have to hope
I have to believe it is possible
my lost spirit in your pocket
waiting patiently
for you to find your way back home to me
what if the closest I will ever be to you
is right here
right now
what if I never see your face again
how long would it hurt not to ever feel
like this again
a thousand years
ten thousand years
an eternity
and you
would move on without me
I would be left forever in your wake
staggered by the blow
of another terrible mistake
as before
wondering this world
somewhere between the living
and the dead
waiting for its end
so I could be back with you once again
back in that one beautiful moment
when the leaves of fall drifted down through
the watching trees and the blushing wind
like me
could not help but brush the lost lock of hair
from your warm cheek
somewhere back there
where the earth
the sea
and the sky meet
like us
standing hand in hand
here at the edge
forever gazing off towards the horizon
as eternity slowly sails past and waves


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