our firstest kiss

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The all love to kiss and teach us as we age They all love to play a game of love at just 17

Our first kiss

Our first kiss

this is all we remember forever ....
the first kiss with whomsoever ....
You are just 17 ...can define love...
I at 70 plus ....
know not yet what tis..!!!!
Time to go over the cliff...
Who will give me a final kiss!
just tell me ....poetic love is lovely...
I talk of reality

come someone kiss me

many would love to hug me

for my hugging poetry

you sonny all about love still teach me

Your verse is tremendously lovely....

all gals will love to kiss thee...

who will now me?


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author avatar LOVERME
The one and only LOVERME
Thanks friends for reading me,
its natural VIRGINOUS poetry
that comes my way

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author avatar brendamarie
29th Jun 2015 (#)

wow! great poem

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author avatar LOVERME
29th Jun 2015 (#)


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
29th Jun 2015 (#)

Yes, time comes when everyone notices only to ignore, take evasive action! We just are not worth their time, a sad reality! No one knows too who will bid us the final goodbye.

We think we are unique but we take the same solitary path into oblivion and it is sooner than we think - the one way inexorable track that many have taken before us too - siva

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author avatar LOVERME
29th Jun 2015 (#)

ur gr88mi LORD!

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author avatar LOVERME
5th Feb 2018 (#)

A relationship speaker speaks I only intervene in order to be able to help teens
young gals n guys

I have just answered one of your lovely writes….
you may like to consider the aspects
and advise all young gals… ere they suffer
I have tried to help …
the inter mingling of cultures
the admixture of genes… is making all the difference …in between gals and guys

All guys the world over …
are the same …
they are unemotional
look at the scene in a different fashion
one of only passion …
as they are like morning compulsory wood

women are different
emotional …
full of tears and fears …
so they fall and become quicker victims
bear human items

I have tried to help so many …believe you me …
it's unknowing of biology of sex …
that does men -
guys and women -gals perplex ….
during teens
ah those genes
then it’s like having come under rails…
leaving only sad trails and travails …
so help them as you are the relationship expert…
I a simple advisor
to gals and guys…
they never listen till he runs
and tears wet her eyes…..

then upon gals lips face and all over instead of blush no flush only sighs and good byes
sole and lonely teen age moms wee

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author avatar LOVERME
4th Jul 2018 (#)

Canada day less reading
hot wave
staying indoors
double the sine scores
from 200 to 500 PLUS MORE

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