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What was pessimism and optimism yesterday has transformed into positive and negative today.Like old wine in newer plastic bottles.Till you come to realise plastic adds to cancerous cells as they say.So nothing is safe .Not even condoms...

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I too have been researching the Human Mind for many decades... Negativity breeds negativity... and its only positivity ...which pulls through.... Earlier we called it pessimism and optimism ...
today we call it positive and negative ..have you have observed those who are born in positive months... never die in positive months..those who are born in negative period ...also die in the opposite months ...
this you may try and observe ...
as you all are an intelligent persons ...
one rarely one comes across the Internet friend..

We have all kinds of folks ,walking in the darker alleys of time today As the population has increased and we have faster communication systems, all gets traced at a faster pace.But all existed always since time immemorial...

please note the incorrect spellings above are on purpose so as to enable all to realise what is meant by what


Optimism, Optimism Vs Pessimism, Optimist, Optimistic, Optimistic Friends, Optimum Level, Pessimism, Pessimistic

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
28th Oct 2012 (#)

We should fight negativity and convert such into positive vibes. We learn more that way. I find bliss in equanimity - I know good news is followed by bad and vice versa. Take them all as part of our journey - siva

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author avatar LOVERME
28th Oct 2012 (#)

how I wish
many more folks were as clear minded as you Siva
your a Lord of knowledge
for all

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