ride or die partner

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I was reading an article written by a woman about finding her "ride or die" partner and it really spoke to me. I had never heard of the term "ride or die" partner but I like the thought of it. So here is a poem about just that sort of thing.

ride or die partner

I do not know where you are
and I have not met you
but I miss you
I'm here
I have been waiting all of my life
I can feel you
out there
I can see you
standing in the kitchen
leaning against the counter
talking to me
as I cook dinner
and you unwind from work
with a glass of wine
we will sit at the dining room table
and talk about the events of the day
you will laugh at me
because you get my dry wit
your eyes will speak to me
like no words ever could
I will be yours
you will be mine
my ride or die partner
you will sit on the couch
curled up next to me
I will catch you looking at me
and it will make me smile
and ask "what?"
you will kiss me and say
you will ask me questions
about where I grew up
and the things I used to do
the things I like
and places I have been
you will be a mystery
that only time
and patience
and a fascination with you
will reveal
a puzzle
that I will spend my days
happily trying to solve
you will make the colors seem brighter
you will come close
to pushing me over the edge
then you will reach out
and pull me back in
you will seem so fearless
and un-afraid
but somehow vulnerable
at the same time
you will be tender
and kind
you will know
what you want
and no one
will be able to convince you otherwise
you will be the brightest star
burning bright
in the velvet of my night
I will hold you tight
with all of my strength
as you steal my moments
and make them your own
you will see everything
every part of me
inside and out
you will chase all my petty concerns away
you will never have to question
my love for you
and I will thank God
you finally found me


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