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Discussion about types of security and and the related insecurity with it.


Security is an essential part of the human need hierarchy after food and clothing that human being demands the betterment of his life.
Security consists of a vast array of objectives that are needed to be achieved before to remove the sense of insecurity from the individual’s ascertained mind.
First & foremost is the need of shelter. This need arises from the basic nature of the animal kingdom. Throughout its history of exploration and discoveries; humans have been in search of new and bigger sanctuaries to live, to prosper and to develop themselves by utilizing all the resources available to them.
The need for this security is strong enough to inspire men to take up weapons and protect it from the invaders who would not stop until they capture the foreign land and deprive the natives of the claim of the natural resources of the land. The survival of species depends on upon the fact that how well they protect their marked territories from the ever looming invasions.
The second in the list is individual security. A society can establish great walls and hide behind it for generations to come to restrict the enemy beyond its command authority, but it will still live under the fear of insecurity. Because it also exceeds within the state. The establishment of law and order is the number One objective of any government, whether authoritarian or democratic.
To ensure the safety of the citizens. The government set up legal bodies, which are influenced by the rules that help them to govern over people and minimize chaos. Such bodies primarily include Police and courts. The first implements the law across the state and carry out the orders of the authority. While the latter deals with the establishment of justice in the society, which I an integral part of any civilised society. Justice is the foreground on which the principles of security are established.
The third type of security is future security. An average man is not a billionaire or even a millionaire. They delve into their lives just to earn a decent living. Which may or may not be enough to fulfil the demand of family and meeting the unprecedented expenses.
Thus, individuals are often advised to keep a contingent sum. Many financial establishments have observed this need-based their market by exploiting this need of security and are now providing services in terms of insurance, easy loans, investment plans through securities market. The most volatile market.
An individual who has toiled his youth in earning the family bread, often possess a critical view for holdings because despite the extra alertness there have been instances of fraud which discourages individual from trusting the sector with money. On the other hand, an investment in education will give him sure returns as the development of skills is important for growth and achieving a secured future.
The last but not the least, every single member of the society craves for emotional security. Most people cannot achieve it because this security unlike other is dependent on others and it cannot be assessed with numbers and data through financial and legal instruments.
Each person is unique and has a different level of comfort zone with his/her emotional issues. Some may be emotionally distant others may have irregular bursts of emotion and few of them might be perfectly normal. This emotional insecurity may generate into psychological disorders thus a strategy of each man on its own should be applied


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