slave to the grind

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I'm starting to hate my job. Not because of the work but because I feel as though I am being watched like some strange animal in a zoo.

slave to the grind

my plan
to become independently wealthy
has failed miserably
at this rate
I will be working
until I'm 70 years old
isn't that a pleasant thought
at this very moment
I’m sitting in a cubicle
on the fifth floor
of an office building
in a room filled with cubicles
it looks like a giant bee hive
populated by people
but this cubicle
feels more like a prison cell
and my supervisor
and his administrative assistant
are the prison guards
every half hour or so
I see them slowly walk by
look in
check on me
making sure I have not escaped
the plantation
or fled the cotton field
I should start singing
at the top of my lungs
“when I was young I us'd to wait
on massa and hand him de plate
pass down de bottle when he git dry
and bresh away de blue tail fly
Jim crack corn I don't care
Jim crack corn I don't care
Jim crack corn I don't care
ole massa gone away”
I would like to see
how they felt about that
maybe they would get the hint
probably not


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