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A poem about growing up in a small town, being young, bored and having religion thrown into the mix.


it is hot
and dim
as we have sex
in the stockroom
of the Piggly Wiggly
while across the street
the bank’s electric sign
shows that it is slowly
crawling toward midnight
all the dull hours
we struggle so hard
to rise above
no one sat us down
to tell us how it would be
we had to learn it all on our own
you and me
spend all our time running
but we are only running in place
at some point in the story
we realized it was never really a race
there is a strange phenomenon
that occurs at the edge of this town
when someone leaves
they disappear
never to be heard from again
seemingly swallowed up by the ground
we dance
we fight
drink too much
drive too fast
scream into the night
yet no one is listening
in this quiet little place
the silence
chases all the common sense away
now the dirty little secrets
hiding between the polished pews
as a hypocritical pastor
points his finger at me and you
the adulterers and bigots
the perverts and deranged
grip their well-worn bibles
nod their knowing heads
whispering in unison
a single word


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