some tips on caring for laptops

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some tips on caring for laptops

Typically, detailed recommendations on how to deal with the laptop contained in the manual. The trouble is that these instructions are read boring, want to quickly turn the laptop on. Meanwhile, computers, especially laptops, demands attention. Today we talk about the basic rules for the Treatment of minicomputers that they work efficiently and for a long time.
General rules of the laptop can be divided into several blocks. First, it is necessary to protect the laptop from mechanical overload. Inside it are sensitive elements, such as a hard disk, which is bad bumps and knocks. You can lose because of this information on your hard drive. Do not need to put on a laptop heavy objects - can damage the matrix. Close proximity to the vibration source (refrigerators, washing machines) is also desirable.
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Secondly, it is necessary to protect the laptop from temperature changes. If you walked with a laptop in the cold, do not include it immediately - wait until it reaches room temperature. The reason is simple: the inclusion of a cold laptop can cause condensation (water), which can lead to short circuits and corrosion motherboard.
Third, continuing the theme of water, remember that getting it inside the laptop can have serious consequences. Of course, quite difficult to refrain from eating or drinking a cup of coffee in front of laptop, so caution should be exercised. By the way, are especially dangerous for laptop sweet liquid, it will confirm any laptop repair specialist.
Fourth, close the laptop case prevents efficient cooling that can lead to overheating of internal components, the replacement of which costs money. Not recommended to use a laptop on your lap, soft surfaces, pillows, etc., as below him are the vents. The notebook must be used on a flat, hard surface or a special table, then the risk of overheating and loss of important data is considerably reduced.
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And finally, you need to be at least occasionally to clean the laptop from dust and other contaminants. Wipe it with a soft cloth (there are special wipes). The general rule is: Do not use water that may get inside the product or use different aggressive liquids such as gasoline, acetone, kerosene, etc. They are not designed for this purpose. Particular caution should be exercised in the care of the laptop screen. Better buy special detergents and wipes clean the screen. These funds will not only deal with the contamination, but also form a protective film on the surface. Furthermore, they have an antistatic effect and hence, dust will settle on the screen is much slower than normal. As a result, the same display longer maintains good image quality, because the dirty work for the monitor only creates an additional strain on the eyes.


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