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There are some things in life worth letting go of, and fear and negative attachment are both of them. Courage to let go and be totally positive about yourself may seem a little scary at times, but it is the best thing to do as we shall see in this series of musings from me:

Row, row, row your boat positively down life's stream, because problems are just a dream

To win, you (and I) must view all problems as temporary, right down to looking at death as a sleep instead of something permanent. I came into touch with this fact, when I realized that one of my clients on my Meals On Wheels/Home Delivered Senior Meals route today had passed away last Friday after I delivered the meal to the same person that Friday before today. My point is that problems must be viewed as temporary, all of them, right down to the transition called death. Every problem is nothing but a stepping stone. Now, sure, I can look at things a little differently than that, and take a less extreme tack on the whole thing. But, face it, if you (or I) want to win against our fears, we must face ourselves and our problems fully and succinctly with generated courage.

The weakest thing we can do is quit in fear and let the evil of fear take over our lives. At least that is my conclusion, because when it all comes down to it: After the problems are solved, we realize that the problems are not such a big deal. The big deal was that false fear and generating the courage to really deal with it all. That was the big deal. When you generate the courage and win, problems in the future are just a dream of the past. When you let yourself lose, you must deal with it all at a later time as something you did not deal with. This is what makes suicide a cop-out. Indeed, the real loss is to give up instead of persist.

I remember a few years before my Dad died, he told me that he committed suicide in a past life. That was (he said) why he was having horrible health problems and "tortures of the damned" in his body, but his mind and soul were functioning cheerfully. But he told me these exact words about that fact: "What we avoid in the here and now, we have to deal with in the later." If we deal with it, we win against it ultimately though persistence. If we avoid it, we must and have to deal with it all later.

I remember the words to the "M*A*S*H" motion picture theme song that went "suicide is painless". Well, I take a certain tack to that, it may be painless while you are "getting away from it all", but you are not getting away with it all, there are things you must deal with in another form from it later. In short, suicide and escape are the panaceas of weaklings in my opinion and my reality. On that, I quote Annie Rix Militz: "The only way out is through!"

I feel that way because I have seen so many "bad guys" that did lots of evil feel they were getting away with something only to end up paying for it later in some more horrible than they could conceive form that is worse than anything they ever did. After all, being evil is not escaping problems, it is creating bigger ones really for everyone, including yourself. It may be "harder" to be positive, but it certainly is better in the long run.

Sure, this may be a "short rant of a page", but, I am convinced that problems are something we all must ultimately conquer in the now or deal with later. Indeed, I can honestly say without flinching: Suicide is not painless, it is the weaklings way out, then into bigger problems than before. Need I say more?


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