tears can be the first glow of new love, the last smile of love...

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These are my tears,
This is the last smile of love.

...the last smile of love.

We walked hand in hand, very calm, carefree.
trees gave us a shadow, a shadow of mystical sunset.

slowly, watching the birds, listening to their trill..
everything was quiet, very few people was passing there,
a perfect place to meditate, to reflect stage ...

in a few hours it will be night
within hours this story will change forever

I remember when we first met.
It was at this same park, one morning, shortly bright and opaque morning...
Rain left his mark on the leaves of trees,
rain masked the sadness in my face.
I was all alone and desperate under a tree...

today everything seemed to work wonderfully,
yesterday the world was perfect,
A couple of days ago it was unconditional love ...

when we met, I was in a sea of ​​tears,
Too often I thought that tears are the last smile of love,
that day, I would understand that tears can be the first glow of new love, a new day ...

darkness is coming, the end time is coming, our ties will be broken,
tears, tears as it was at first come to me...
in this forest, the forest of the beginning and the end, the forest of endless tears.

Yesterday the world had a blue sky, clear and shining,
a couple of days everything was favorable for a long journey...
today everything seemed to work wonderfully(maybe)...
Tomorrow is another day, another destiny, something we could never imagine...

In a tear you see hope,
this tear we do not see any promise...
It is a tear of a farewell, a sad farewell...

in a few minutes will be night,
within minutes this story will forever change...

I want you looking at me tenderly again.
I want you to tell me that everything will be fine.
I want see you as that day, with tears in my eyes.
These are my tears,
This is the last smile of love.

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author avatar brendamarie
19th Jul 2015 (#)

beautiful poem!!!

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author avatar Red Smith
20th Jul 2015 (#)

thanks a lot brendamarie!
see you around!

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