the Cheetos are cheesy

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So, here I go again. Another love lost. Another relationship ends. Get ready. I'm gonna write about it.

the Cheetos are cheesy

I may not know
exactly what I want
but I know enough
to realize this isn't it
but I linger
I stay
and suffer
as every fiber
of my being
screams at me
to run away
I want it to be real
I want it so badly
God knows I waited so long
and this is what I end up with
what do you want from me
what is it that you need
my blood
my flesh
my bones
my very life
should I get on the floor
crawl around on all fours
tearing at my clothes
my flesh
what will it take
to finally make you see
what you could have meant to me
I fall to pieces
scattered around on the floor
I am what came before
and after
another road block
another closed door
run walk crawl
it doesn’t matter
I nned to leave
I just need to go
give up
give in
admit defeat
bow out gracefully
with what little dignity
and self esteem
I have left
maybe we are not meant to be
as hard as we try
as hard as we struggle
we will end up apart
maybe that's for the best
maybe that's how it's supposed to be
maybe that's how this story ends
I do not want
to feel heartbroken again
drifting through each day
in some strange limbo
it makes me sad to think
I will never have
what I always dreamed about
not in this life anyway
how hard is it really
it shouldn't be like winning the lottery
finding someone
someone you can love
and trust
someone you can count on
someone who always has your back
where is my love story
when does it begin
where does heaven start
and this hell end


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