the World Cup

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A nonsensical poem that amused me to write. Maybe there is some hidden meaning but I'm not sure what it is.

the World Cup

by the light of a television screen
in a warm
third floor
single bedroom
apartment living room
pet squid lolling on the floor
playing with a rubber squeaky toy
a knock at the door
not unexpected
the leprechaun
who lives across the hall
holding a bottle of gin
and two six packs of ale
here to watch the World Cup
as he enters the room
he says to no one in particular
"no advice is the best advice"
words of wisdom
words to live by
the leprechaun sips on his gin
as I work at the ale
the sun sets in the east
the moon rises in the west
the north wind reclines on the couch
engrossed in the game
the leprechaun sits on the floor
feeding clover to the squid
all of us a little drunk
as I start to imagine that I can feel
the heartbeat of this town
rising up through the ground
beating and beating and beating
in a deep slow steady rhythm
under my feet
it's not a religious thing
but perhaps it should be
while the cool breath of the night
caresses the velvet skin of the sky
and the stars
solar systems
all wander around
the leprechaun sighs
then begins to drunkenly sing
"stay with me my love
here in the last evening light
thinking about what we had
in the briefest moment of time
the north wind
my friend
a squid
ale and gin
the first cailín álainn my hands ever touched
my very first love
and my last"
thinking back now
I do not recall who won the game


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