the adventures of baby angel

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This is about this little girl and her dog baby angel and how there bond is through all the miles apart for a little while.

the adventures of baby angel

There was a little girl named Kat and all she wanted is to have a dog to play with because her brothers and sisters don't like to play with her because she was different from the rest and it scares everyone in and outside of her family but her dad was not afraid of her and he loves the way she Is. It makes her special and she loves Her daddy a lot. One day Kat went to her daddy and asked him if she can have A puppy and he said ok and then they went To get one and she picked a puggle puppy and named her Babyangel and that name was perfect her dog. Then when she get home with her dog ad her dad. They got home and all the kids go we got a puppy and they're father told them that it's Kat's dog and no one else's and all the kids said "what why does she gets a dog but not us?" They're father said "well you guys are always mean to her and she's always notice to you guys but you treat Her like Poop and she and her dad didn't like it at all. so when Kat had to go get surgery done and her mom had to take care of the dog. She made the kids do it and the kids use to beat the dog up so one day Babyangel went to find her owner and Babyangel Is in a lot f pain but that dog didn't care as long as she gets to her owner and she went over a hundred miles to get to her owner she went on nonstop Not even to sleep finally she got there and she found what floor she was on to see her and Babyangel found her and she barked at the bed and woke up Kats dad. He said hey what are you doing here and noticed that she was beaten And he called that cops on her and she was arrested for animals corollary for hurting a dog and she have to pay for the vet fees and everything that they ever did to Babyangel.


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