the distance between night and day

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A poem about being young and in love and no one, especially any adult, being able to tell you that what you feel isn't real.

the distance between night and day

in the bright light of day
nothing feels the same
even the sounds of things
not quite so strange
in the warm prudent light of day
I hear the sun boldly say "go"
but in the night's cool whispers
I believe I hear the word "stay"
it takes me back
to a time
when there was only the two of us
a time when I felt
more free
rolling slowly down a small town street
where the world ended at the edge of our vision
shimmering in the summer heat
she was sitting right next to me
so close I could feel her heartbeat
her hand resting on my leg
invulnerable in our youth
making love by the light of a florescent moon
the taste of strawberry lip gloss
burning up in our own atmosphere
the one created by our combined breath
inventing new colors with our bodies and hands
chasing dreams without any doubts
taking on the world
racing the distance between night and day
a country mile both ways
living our lives as though there were no tomorrow
some of the same friends
none of the same classes
with our many ups and downs to entertain us
talking and talking
until there was nothing left to say
I love you
maybe we were too young
inexperienced to really know what that meant
but it didn't stop us from saying it
believing we felt it
in every cell in our bodies
in the brightness of our young souls
being blind isn't necessarily the absence of sight
just as darkness isn't necessarily the absence of light


Poem, Poetry On Love

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