the failed experiment

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A poem I wrote about a married couple who's relationship is failing but neither one of them is willing to throw in the towel and call it quits.

the failed experiment

we say I love you
but neither one of us is listening
because it is now perfunctory
a habit picked up somewhere along the way
the months
then years
drag on
while we never say what we really mean
or feel
or think
and we pretend
two actors in a tragic play
acting for the audience
consisting of our family
and friends
co-workers and children
the stranger on the street
the best part of my life now
is when they send me on a long business trip
the time away
feels like a well-deserved vacation
we are withdrawn
distant but kind
our love is dearly departed
we barely acknowledge it
we were not invited to its funeral
or wake
this grand experiment has failed
a crazy undertaking
that involved providing gorillas with cocaine
and bourbon
the thought makes me want to laugh
if I thought I wouldn't start to cry
the sex is unpleasant and unfulfilling
just another household chore
not that we bother to have sex that often anymore
the look on your face
as though you are far away
mentally and emotionally
in some other place
or as if you are being sexually assaulted
by something that slithered up from the Black Lagoon
the barely disguised disgust
just beneath the surface
it makes me hate myself
it makes me want to crawl away
into a dark corner of the closet
place my hands over my ears
and forget my name
I park blocks away from work and walk
hoping I will be hit by a car
or a city bus
or a large meteorite
or attacked and pummeled to death
by some escaped gorilla
high and intoxicated
involved in a failed freak experiment


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