the gift

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A poem about the night my ex wife told me she was leaving me. Ah, good times. Good times.

the gift

the author
of my Dear John letter
was being kind enough
to read it to me
savoring every delectable word
every delicious syllable
I had this vision of Mr. Spock
looking calmly at Captain Kirk
and telling him
in a droll monotone
we have ten seconds
before the ship explodes"
thanks for the news flash Spock
could you at least
put a little emotion in your voice
maybe show just a tiny bit of concern
could you at least do that
"sorry, captain
I just don't love you anymore"
Moses had come down from her mountain
and cast judgment on me
I had been found lacking
it was over
as soon as she slammed
the stone tablets on the ground
the earth cracked open
and swallowed me whole
I must have sounded like
one of those guys in a cheap
western movie falling off of a cliff
screaming his ass off
all the way to the ground
I didn't die on impact
I was limping away
limping hell
I was crawling
broken and bruised
I know this is going to sound trite
but it felt surreal
the whole damn thing
from the moment
she walked through the front door
sat down
and gave me her list of reasons
to the moment I said
I guess there isn't anything for me to say"
it was painfully obvious
she had made up her mind
I felt too stunned to say anything
so I took my stunned silence upstairs
and climbed into bed
I pulled the covers over my head
I couldn’t help but wonder
what was I going to do now
fifteen years of marriage
down the drain
fifteen years
the thought kept spinning around
and around
in my head
it was making a sound
like a marble
rolling across the wooden floor
of a large empty room
was I really going to be on my own
I just couldn't believe it
I couldn't get past it
over it
or through it
it was a giant mountain
which had suddenly
and without any kind of warning
sprung up in my path
girls just want to have fun
that was her new motto
she told me our lives
had become boring
I was a stick in the mud
I was boring
she said I never wanted to go anywhere
or do anything
that wasn't exactly true
what I didn't want to do
was go over to her friend's house
get drunk
smoke cigarettes
and act as if I were 16 years old again
I was holding her back
especially when it came to partying
till the break of dawn
how could I be so callous
what the hell was wrong with me
I mean
it wasn't as if
we had a 9 year old child
and jobs
and bills
a mortgage
and responsibilities
and neat stuff like that
I felt sick to my stomach
not only was our anniversary
two weeks away
my birthday
was just around the corner
I guess she figured leaving
was the best gift
she could give me


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