the great escape

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A poem about coming to the realization that someone is not good for you anymore; and the thing that was once good, has become toxic and dysfunctional.

the great escape

no matter how bad
being together
could sometimes feel
the alternative
felt so much worse
so I stayed
and slowly died inside
minute by minute
hour by hour
day by day
in small
almost imperceptible ways
I knew I had to escape
before you finally destroyed me
your lights were always on
but no one was ever really home
I knew I had to relearn to fly
so I could get high
where I will touch the sky
as I once did
before you put your chains
of jealousy and insecurity on me
I will float away
a child's balloon
innocent and carefree
you cannot catch me
I'm up
and I won't come back down
this is me
below the clouds
above the trees
somewhere in between
don't search for me
I am long gone
for water
I have the rain
for food
the air I breathe
I shouldered far too much
of your anger and misery
your past is a roadblock
that kept you from seeing
what you really meant to me
I'm out
this is not an ending
it is a new beginning
the cloudless sky
all around
the world has opened up to me
in this perfect light
in this perfect space
I come to the conclusion
not everything fades away


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