the hall

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I now I call this a fictional verse but it is actually pretty damn close to the truth.

the hall

I just love the strained smile on her face
as she passes me in the hall
it's the smile that says
"I don't want to smile at this bozo
but it would be rude not to."
as I'm walking past her I think to myself
"Hey, sweetheart, if you don't want to smile
at me then don't."
it wouldn't bother me in the least
just don't smile and look at me as though
you are feeling unbelievably constipated
it makes me want to laugh out loud
I get it
I know without any doubt what-so-ever
that you are not the least bit interested in me
you are a beautiful woman
and I'm not such a complete fool that I would
ever imagine for a New York minute that you
would be attracted to me
the only way I would have a chance with a
woman like you is if I were a world renowned
plastic surgeon
CEO of a fortune 500 company
or a famous movie star
I'm none of those
and never will be
I will never be able to afford designer dresses
diamond ear rings
or a new German engineered automobile
the only way you would ever consider having
a conversation with me is if we were trapped
together in an elevator
and even then it would be because you
entertained this paranoid idea that I might attack
you at any moment
not going happen
I get the feeling you think I should be locked
away some place
like some strange species of ape in a zoo
separated from the civilized world by several
inches of unbreakable glass
some place where you go to gawk at something
that you would never want to be locked alone in
a room with
when I think about it
it makes me smile
ultimately it doesn't matter
I will travel in my circles
and you will continue to orbit in yours
and the two will never intersect
the closest they will come will be right here
at work
in this hallway
where you will continue to do your best to
pretend I don't exist
and I will find that to be
on some level
both mildly annoying
and incredibly amusing
you will continue with your quest to find the kind
of man that can provide the lifestyle you probably
believe you deserve
and perhaps you do
looks make some people better than others
maybe it is about how much money you make
honorary titles
an ivy league education
a brilliantly white perfect smile
where I come from none of that really matters
it's about your character
I'd be willing to bet that the thought of that would
make you want to laugh out loud
maybe we could even laugh together


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