the law of the jungle

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A poem comparing the corporate world to the wild world.

the law of the jungle

it's those days when the heat never
seems to completely go away
it's always there
even when the sun goes down
the heat still hangs around
it only takes a half step back at night
then returns full force as soon as the sun
peaks its blazing bloated head above the horizon
the heat seems to drag everything down
either pulling or pushing everything to the
parched ground
it makes me think of the African savannah
I half expect to see a pride of lions lounging in
the parking lot of the used car dealership next
or a large herd of zebras
tails swishing away pesky flies
grazing along the grassy median of the four lane
highway that runs next to the office building
where I work
vultures circle
patiently waiting to finish off the carcass of a gazelle
brought down by a pack of hyenas
I look down on all of this from the fifth floor conference
room window
uh oh
some poor fellow in a dark business suit
is heading towards his car in the parking lot
unfortunately for him it looks as though a cheetah
has spotted him
the cheetah is crouched behind some neatly
manicured shrubs
the man spots the cheetah just as it bursts
from its hiding place
it moves like a spotted rocket
muscles stretching
paws grabbing the pavement
the man has seen the big cat
now he is running
his briefcase swinging wildly at his side
tie flapping in the blazing air
the cat is out of the bag
so to speak
I watch in breathless anticipation
this is life and death in the big city
the poor man is really out of shape
I don't think he's going to make it to his Lexus
I can't help but think how this would make a
perfect cover shot for National Geographic
so I pull out my cell phone
and zoom in with the camera
this is going to be sweet


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author avatar SaigonDeManila
6th May 2016 (#)

Nice weekend read!

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