the light at the end of the tunnel

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A poem about going through a hardship and losing faith but finding your faith in the end.

the light at the end of the tunnel

before it gets better
it gets worse
much worse
you think you have hit bottom
but then the bottom
drops out of the bottom
a part of you may believe
you are being punished by God
or that God has abandoned you
you want to crawl under a rock
hide in the dark
and never come out
you may feel as though
there is no light
at the end of the tunnel
but there is
you just can’t see it
you have to keep moving
keep pushing forward
little by little
the light will get closer
and soon
you will start to see it
just glimpses at first
it may seem like your eyes
are playing tricks on you
but then you realize
there is a light
a small pinprick of light
but a light none the less
in that flicker of light
there is hope
and finally faith
faith that you will get through
whatever you are dealing with
and you will
because God was right there with you
the whole time


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