the reprieve

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A poem about being one of the worker bees. I think there are more of us than anyone can count.

the reprieve

I wake before the sun is up
before the alarm on the night stand
has even had a chance to sound
my wakeup call
from the ashes of my dreams I am reborn
but unlike a phoenix
I burn without being consumed
tired and groggy
I stagger to the bathroom
fumble for the switch
squint against the sudden
electric light
run hot water over a wash cloth
press it against my face
slowly coming around
as the dream fades
I try not to think about the sleep
I didn't get last night
no breakfast
just coffee
I drive to work in a daze
but aware enough to both marvel
and lament
at the world man has made
in the hours of another long day
I lose track of myself
sitting at my desk
caged in my cubicle
pacing back and forth inside my head
like a tiger at the zoo
trying to find a way out
trying to find a space between the bars
that I can escape through
trying to find some kind of meaning to it all
at times
I wonder if I haven't gone crazy
and all of this
is just part of a delusion
maybe I had a nervous breakdown at some point
and I’m really in a padded room
in a mad house
wearing a straight jacket
drooling on myself
what does it all really mean
from across the room
through the maze of cubicle walls
I hear someone laughing
loud but seemingly forced
it sounds like a great bit of acting
I act as well
smile when I don't feel like smiling
look busy when I really have nothing to do
pretend to like someone I secretly despise
the only award I receive for my performance
is a 13 hour reprieve
a brief retreat
a furlough
at the end of the day
and even the day
feels as though it has grown weary of it all


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