the satanist empire already build

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truth of the church of satan (666) Lavey

church of satan ,come and join? or hell no for it?

4 Tim Church of Satan: The Mou Mou - Children of God - Dragon Team - Satan's
 * Represents Manado Center Church of Satan # 2 in the World, After California
 Those Special Days * Day: Halloween, Solstice, Equinox, Black Sabath
 NAME Rina and Laura, the last weeks of March 1999 Minahasa was flying in the earth. Precisely in the city of Manado, Rina and Laura are two of nine followers of the Church of Satan who were freed from the power of Satan who has been master of his life. Rina release and Laura from the influence of the power of darkness, as if to blind the eyes of the servants of God on earth Minahasa in particular and Christians in general that the threat of the Church of Satan is not just a joke ,It is revealed from the recognition Rina and Laura in front of the Servant of God.
 "I am a wife named Lucifer, in 1996 through a marriage ceremony" I Rina without hesitation. Furthermore he also admitted that as a married couple Lucifer, they've had sex as appropriate. "I have not checked if I was a girl. I do not think of it "said Rina Rina Harsum Tamanampo full name.
 Laura Gansalangi another story, which used to be called Laura. He admitted that he got the nickname if the ACE is read into ASE stands for Golden Boy Satan. According to both these girls, Manado city is a major target of the Church of Satan.
 Based on the recognition of Rina and Laura is known that the structure of the Church of Satan organization (CS) is very neat. In the top echelons of the Prickly Bala is Lucifer should be worshiped. While underneath is Prince of Michael. Then, under the Prince of Michael, there are four teams with the names of each: 1. Dragon Team (Team Dragon) led by RYAN, the home city of Pittsburg Bule, USA. The team consisted of 12 people and includes a Team Elite. Not just anyone can enter Naga.Menyusul Team Team: The Mou-Mou - Satan's (Network Satan) and the Children of God. Each team is composed of 250 members. Each new member, immediately registered and recorded with a neat name. That a member is not random people. They are a good choice in terms of mental and intellectual. And, their main goal is to ABG aka Teenagers are then manipulated as the spearhead of their movement. That said, the Church of Satan have a computer with a very sophisticated system and Data Base they were able to accommodate 8 billion human data.
 Of the four teams at the top, maybe Tim Children of God (COG) who never makes a scene Christians in Indonesia. Around the 80s seeps on Indonesian soil and teaching leads to a moral doctrine that has been criticized and even condemned religious leaders. As a result, the Attorney General ban printed materials COG. Even the Director General Guidance urges Protestant church leaders, in order to improve coaching her congregation with a circular dated March 13, 1984 no. F/26/930/84. COG is the founder of David Brant Berg in Melrose, Oakland, California.
 Due to the teachings that lead and smelled of sex, then his teachings quickly attracted the interest of teenagers and young people in Indonesia. In a relatively short period of their members grow lot.In the Jakarta alone reached 5000 people. Even the city of Tempe Chips Navan "sprayed" 200 members of COG. COG quickly spread in Indonesia because its activities covering many fields. Among others: Field of Literature, Music, Drama, Audio Visual, Language Course. One of their false doctrines or teachings is that Jesus was the result of sexual intercourse between God and Mary.
 "The procession is Tense!" Comments Manado Post newspaper, when his 11-member team that tracks the activities of the Church of Satan, 3 release event witnessed the power of the dark spirits from the body of Laura, the King Satan (Lucifer), Hyberia (wife of Lucifer) and Prince Michael at the Church of GMIM Paul, the way Sam Ratulangi, Manado on 24 March. Laura release process led by Ev. Herman Kemala, a servant of God who endowed talents and learn the intricacies of a cult in the U.S.. The event was initiated by the release itself Pdt.Billy Spak. Also present were Mayor John Rambing Kakansospol Manado, General Secretary Rev. GMIM. Nico S.Th Gara MA, Police Authorities of Manado, and ministers of local churches are invited to attend.
 As the show begins the audience are welcome release to see the signs owned by the Church of Satan is engraved on the body of Laura. Among others on the right arm and left a 666 number and Pentagram, dragon Leviathan, roses on the right chest that appears in the body of Laura.
 "Oh, tu skali Kantara butul 666 ....." an audience with accent Manado, when looking at the representation of Satan 666 with a pale face. Audience as if impatient to see Ev. Laura Herman immediate release of the three figures of demons in him.
 And Laura held a piece of carpet welcome as he sat cross-legged in front of Ev. Herman. Security officers, servants of God, General Secretary Rev. GMIM. Nico Gara and other church leaders sit in the front row, in order to be able to clearly see the release of the power of evil within her.
 At that time, through the mouth of Laura clearly audible screams, innuendo, as well as the demand for large-scale plan of the three figures of the spirit within her. Even the King of Devil, Lucifer, directly telling their foul plans to disrupt Christian followers by applying the so-called New Age. The next step is to submit Ev.Herman maik to Pdt. Nico Gara to berdoalog directly with Lucifer through Laura's mouth.
 "Herman .... I'm not dealing with this person. He's no match. I do not deal with him but with you, Herman! "Snapped the Demon King to Ev. Herman. The next step, Ev. Herman then put through the release process by laying hands upon Laura, who led the girl repeatedly vomiting blood, screaming hysterically while uttering the words are difficult to understand. Blood bursts out of the mouth of Laura, make some audience in the front, was disgusted. While Laura babbling incoherently, some helpers Ev. Herman holding Laura.Proses body marked by the release of "bargain" between Lucifer with the Ev. Herman. Lucifer insisted remain inside Laura because Laura is ASE Gold or Son of Satan. "He is mine because she is my bride and the city of Manado is my bed resting place!" Said Lucifer.Namun, God did not want to compromise to Satan. His passing, Ev. Herman, that night, she successfully recovered again from the clutches of the king iblis.Malam the original spirit Laura, was called back to his physical in the name of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Ev. Herman invited all in attendance to pray together because Laura was retaken from the hands of the devil. Praise the Lord, cried almost the entire audience witnessed how God has defeated the demon king.


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author avatar M G Singh
11th Jul 2013 (#)

A wonderful post

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
11th Jul 2013 (#)

Madan read the content before commenting, nice that you get to be lustful I guess along with all other vices as documented on your writing profile.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
11th Jul 2013 (#)

Well its their choice and your to follow this but personally Michael is the protector of the heavenly realms and fights the minions of Lucifer and his henchmen who come anywhere near the family of his vibration and they are not necessarily Christian although Christians are part of it.
The ones of torment are put to death while the ones or repentance are given a new lease of life wherein they clear all their debts in their lifetime before choosing to step away from the Earthly plane. The ones in protection with Michaels vibration are hidden in the cloak of life never to be attacked my Lucifer and his minions wherein the Tree of Life holds balance in both realms.

Are you a Satanist????

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