the somehows

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This is a fictional poem about a man sitting in a diner enjoying coffee, pie and thinking about life.

the somehows

I pull my coat collar up around my neck
head out to the street
face into the wind
I wonder around the brightest part of the dark
I want to believe
I need to believe
even people
can change
that everyone has no one
that everyone has someone
or they are leaving someone
or just meeting someone
I walk into a late night diner
a small place just around the corner
order coffee and a slice of cherry pie
I wait
watch the darkness loiter just outside the window
wishing I had brought a book to read
or a notebook to write in
or a talking dog
to keep my mind off everything and everyone
a small white plate is set in front of me
upon which resides a piece of pie
then a black steaming cup of coffee is poured
fork in hand
I cut into the baked golden crust
take a bite
start to chew
take a small sip of coffee
the cool sweet tartness of the cherries
offset by the hot sour bitterness of the coffee
two things that should not go together
but they do
the word keeps rolling around in my head
it is the boogie man under my bed
somehow this
somehow that
then the somehows start to fade
slowly driven away
by the good feeling brought on by the pie
the coffee
the warmth of the diner
the quiet darkness just outside
then I think
the somehow is a something
it is the door
leading to my inner most thoughts
my inner most feelings
it is the room the lingering scent of you still haunts
it is the light of your presence
the dimness of your absence
the anticipation of your touch
it is your eyes smiling into mine
it is candles and wine
the sound of your laughter
I smile as I finish the last bite of pie
take one last sip of coffee
pay the tab
leave a tip
stand up
pull my coat on
turn the collar up around my neck
step back out into the street
where the somehows scatter at the
sound of my approaching feet


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