there is no you

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A poem about letting go. Letting go of the things that keep us from being free.

there is no you

embrace the pain
do not run from the sorrow
let all the bad things
from the past wash over
and through you
because you cannot outrun
all that shit
you just carry it around with you
all the time
it's like your shadow
it's always there
and you cannot get away from it
so face it
feel it
acknowledge it
put the cell phone down
turn off the TV
get off Facebook
stop surfing the internet
don't be afraid to feel
let it happen
put down the bottle
put away the pills
the porn
whatever it is you are using
to keep from thinking
to keep from feeling
to keep from being
it's okay
it will be okay
do not be afraid
it's not about conquering it
it's about acknowledging
and letting go
it may hurt
but that will pass too
swim in your ocean of tears
bathe in your sorrows
so you can let all that shit go
realize you are more than you
you are a part of everything
everything you see
everything you smell
everything you hear
everything you touch
everything is interconnected
like it or not
that's the way it is
so get over yourself
get over it
whatever it is
but the only way to get over it
is to face it
then walk away from it
it's not holding on to you
you are holding on to it
like a drowning man
you cling to the pain
you cling to the past
you cling to the hurt
afraid to let go
it's time to let go
you are more than you know
in the end
there really is no you
you are just a bag of organs
and bones
and muscles
filled with a consciousness
that is plagued by past mistakes
past hurts
past disappointments
let that shit go
move on
realize you do not have to be governed
by fear or doubt or insecurities
because you are perfect
and magnificent
and you are the winter
the fall
and summer
you are everything
and nothing
and that's okay
it's okay
and don't ever
ever forget


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