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This poem is about being alone and wondering if you really have a soul mate and, if so, where is that soul mate.

this is the one

30,000 feet in the air
500 m.p.h.
somewhere between a sunset and a sunrise
I keep thinking she could be down there
right now
below me
wearing a soft blue cotton summer dress
sitting on the porch of a little white house
with a picket fence
across from a wheat field
or next to a creek
with a tall stand of trees
leaves moving in the wind
down there
in one of those checkerboard squares
perhaps if I were driving instead of flying
maybe if I had been born sooner
rather than later
it's possible we walked right past each other
back at the airport
but we didn't notice
each of us focused on what was ahead
instead of what is passing by
maybe she is sitting in first class
while I'm stuck back here in coach
maybe I'm wrong about this feeling
that she could be everything I need
that she is somewhere out there right now
walking around
heart beating
I feel as though I'm always going
upon landing
the familiar sounds of another strange city
I need a moment to catch my breath
just a minute to gather my wits
you get what you give
if that is true
maybe I'm not giving enough
the sun is shining outside
a beautiful day
a little later
in a small cafe
I sit staring down into a cup of coffee
as if I might find her down in there somewhere
staring back at me
but she isn't there
I don't know where she is
how many times will it come to this
I take a deep breath through my nose
exhale through my mouth
close my eyes
try to picture her face
try to relax
try to shake it off
try not to think about all that I have left behind
given up
I can't buy back the past
and I can't pay down on the future
I don't want power
or fame
or riches
or a hundred different women
I just want her
sitting right here across from me
I look out through the large plate glass window of the cafe
a pretty woman is passing by on the sidewalk
gracefully wading through the shade cast by the red
and white stripped awning
she doesn't even know I exist
it doesn't really matter
because she isn't you


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