time to pull the car over

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A poem about coming to a sudden realization. Not necessarily an earth shattering realization but one that must have been rolling around in the back of the head; waiting to be discovered.

time to pull the car over

this morning
I was in the shower
standing there
the hot water
running over me
and a voice
inside my head
you need to stop
you need to pull this car over
to the side of the road
put it in park
turn the engine off
get out
and look around
take some deep breaths
take some advice from Taylor Swift
and shake it off
take a moment
get your bearings
you are still reeling
from what she did to you
from the things she said to you
you keep trying to wrap your head around it
because you never will
she told me over and over
that she was crazy
and I did not understand what she meant
now I do
crazy attracts crazy
and I'm not crazy
and I couldn't deal with it anymore
I jumped into the deep end of the pool
and I almost drowned
I was losing myself
I no longer recognized who I was
it became toxic
and it was stagnating
she was obviously okay with that
not me
I had to get off the crazy train
who in their right mind
would want to deal with that
the foundation
of any healthy relationship
is trust
and she completely
and purposely
destroyed it
and it was destroying me
and she didn't care
so now I am going to take a minute
breath deep
enjoy the scenery
and get back on track


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