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this are lyrics straight from my heart. they show my yearnings an desire for what my nation should be like and the state of my personality.

the nigeria i see

i see nigeria rise
from the ground to the skies.
i see our nation proud,
i hear the sounds loud.
i see the brave men of the future,
i see greatness being cuitured.
nigeria, proud lion of africa
the peak of the niger area.

i see a nigerian dubai
with almost everything to buy.
i see our fast metro trains,
with technology its bane.
i see Nigerian engineers,
with technology trully ours.
i see our scientists,
proud to give a fist.

i see our scholars,
in a fair battle for class.
i see hardwork,
the hallmark of true work.
i see tolerance,
religion's futherance.
i see politics,
played with fair ethics

i see "made in Nigerian" cars
and a mission to mars.
i see our sports team excel,
our football teams having a spell
i see poverty gone,
hunger taking a run.
i see great spots of fun,
a celebration of trophies won.

i see skyscrappers,
give our sky new wrappers.
i see our night time,
beautifully lighted to rhyme.
i see a vibrant economy,
masterminded by our finest economists.
i see great men,
empowered by gracious women

i see our kids smile,
we can hear them from miles.
i see our nation soar,
the wicked's plot go sour.
i see pedigree,
the world can agree.
i see us fly,
i see us surpass the sky.

the thing i wish for

i wish i had wings
maybe i could have flown
i wish i could sing
today i would have blown
i wish i had a car
we'd have gone places
i wish i was a star
we'd have won races
i wish i knew you
wed have been a great team
i wish i was painted blue
you'd have been watching me on film.
i wish you heard me
we'd have been flying high
i wish you could see
our paths were closing nigh
i wish i were a legend
you'd be loving me
i wish i could fend
i'd be a big tree
i wished you showed love
we'd been closer
i wish you were from above
i won't have been a loser
i wish you were a brother
maybe the bond stronger
i wished you'd never bothered
i never want to wrong you
i wish for your best
even when the people gest
i wish you could rest
and forget all those pests.


Brother, Nation, Nigeria, Stronger, Wish

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a nigerian with a poise for uncommon achievements

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
16th Sep 2012 (#)

Thank you for this poem of your country. I would love to see pictures of Nigeria if you have any you have taken you could write an article about your home.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
16th Sep 2012 (#)

True feelings Samuel, so well expressed for your country and people. Few stand in the way and spoil the plot like everywhere else - siva

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
16th Sep 2012 (#)

Well written and expressed poetry Samuel. Great way of telling your story about your homeland.

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author avatar The Elements
16th Sep 2012 (#)

nice words, very creative...

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